Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome, Baby Mac

We waited a week for the delivery and Little Baby Mac came into my world this week. He weighed 25 lbs. Ouch. I love him so much and he's already made such a big difference in my life. My brand new PC gave me problems and it was time to buy this baby. I've been working on a new web site and it has been straightforward so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
It's been busy around here. First, Little A and I celebrated Chinese New Year by going out for dim sum. Yummy! This kid eats anything. Happy New Year! It is the year of the rat.
The weather was crazy today. There was an accident early morning when I left the house. I didn't leave the subdivision. So I ended up sitting on a sheet of ice on a hill because an Audi was facing my lane head-on. When I came back home, all I wanted to do was stay in. I got some reading done but then I ended up playing Transformers for a while. Let's roll, Autobots.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Over the holidays I had started a few projects. I needed to do some crafty things that others had designed. Sometimes I need a diversion from my designs and just let someone else do the work.

I hadn't done crochet for a long time but I had picked up couple of Japanese crafty books. I made an amigurumi bear and I just started a lacey cell phone holder. I love the look of the lacey piece but I'm not sure that I would do a lot of the fine crochet. My eyesight is bad enough. Of course, I would re-call my crochet abilities by using a size 3 hook. Yes, the meds are still affecting me.

I started a new pair of mittens. I LOVE Fleece Artist and her yarn bundles are fabulous. They're a quick knit and the color is oh so yummy. It's a purple mix. I don't normally wear purple but this shade of purple goes really well with my aubergine colored coat.

I have been on a nesting binge especially with all that happened last year. I have had the urge to renovate, rejuvenate and de-stash. I started by trotting off to the local paint shop today and brought back a zillion swatches. I can't decide!!! Yikes. I love color but since I live in a small townhouse with no other females in sight, the melons, oranges, yellows and fuschias are off the list. Too dramatic in a testosterone driven home. I have mixed ideas about what a home should look like. I love so many different styles that keeping it all in sync is my biggest problem. I love Tricia Guild. Her colors are bright and dramatic. On the other hand, I love the modern/retro look. You'll see the look in my upcoming book, "Home Stuff" in the Modern Crafter Series [Leisure Arts].

I don't care for a country or primitive look. I do love it when you see a home that mixes old with new. I inherited a wooden throne-like chair, a wooden desk set and a watchmaker's repair table last year when my Dad passed away. They're in storage right now but I love those old pieces. My Dad also bought me two treadle sewing machines a long time ago. I look forward to the day when I can have all of the pieces together with me.

Hopefully, I will narrow it down in a few days. I need to rejuvenate. I think that I said that already. It's my buzz word for this new year.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Move over Mr. PC

I have been whining a lot lately and my thoughts have been in a bit of a rut. The cause? My computer situation. So what did I do this weekend? DH bought me a brand new MAC! I cannot wait. My head felt as though it was going to explode. This has been an ongoing thing for about forever and moreso since September.
Funny thing. Right after Reno put the order in, the floodgates in my head opened up and I actually felt relieved. I was talking to a publisher this morning and three ideas for books came together. The ideas have been there in rough form but to get it all together is the tough part. I know that it sounds hokey pokey but that is how I design. I don't sketch until after I've formed the ideas in my head. Then it is only to put the schematics together to form the pattern. Weird, non? Things are getting back to normal, yes!

I have been looking over the layouts for my next book in The Modern Crafter Series and it is fab! The photography is outstanding and the styling is oh so hip without being trashy or strange. That's a good thing.

Check out this bulletin board that I designed for The Modern Crafter Tot Stuff. It will be hanging above my work area soon [as soon as those who are good with a hammer can put it up. Big hint;)].