Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Feels Like Christmas!

Look what showed up at my doorstep this morning! Well, I knew that they were coming but don't they look lovely even though they're still in plastic? I only have a few yards of each here but I'm in love.

Don't forget that I haven't closed the giveaway yet. Love to hear from you while I come out from under my work. xo, L

Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a great time on Saturday at the QUILT OUT LOUD taping! Thanks, Mark and Jodie for a terrific time. Also, thanks to Sherry Cowley [above, center] and her husband, Tim, for being fabulous hosts. Thanks to Patsy Thompson for a couple of these pics. 

From the left, above, we have Debbie Kalenty of Quilter's Obsession, me, Mark, Patsy and Jodie. 

Remember there's still time for my giveaway! All you have to do is write here, on Facebook or e-mail me and let me know about your summer plans!
xo, L

Friday, June 26, 2009

Quilt Out Loud

I'm so excited! This weekend I'm filming with the Quilt Out Loud crew. Who are they? My friend, Mark Lipinski, and Jodie Davis, are co-hosting, Quilt Out Loud! It's a fun and new quilting show on QNNtv. Check it out the promo video here and then check out the show when it starts in July!!!
Don't forget my giveaway. Don't be shy! Lurkers are welcome! I hope that I don't have the same blogging problems as I did last time. My background blogging information has been weird and wonky in the two days and I got a bit worried. Blogger has been giving me some problems in the past few months and some have e-mailed to let me know that they can't post. In fact, it is giving me trouble right now. I can't seem to get that spacing at the beginning of this paragraph. It just won't let me no matter how I try. Any help would be appreciated. No answer here but trying to figure it out. A little while back, I was thinking about leaving Blogger and just continuing my inspiration journal on my blog but I enjoy writing this blog. I hope that you like reading this personal blog of mine. xo, L

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Are You Doing This Summer? [Giveaway Too!]

*Update: Giveaway extended for another week or so because the fabric isn't here yet. I'll let you know when I'll close the entries.

School's finished! Yahoo! What a relief! We had so much going on in the last two weeks of school, that I was soooooo close to running away and joining the circus. We had activities and award celebrations at both schools, tae kwon do tests and ceremonies, music recitals and of course, work. Does anyone else feel this crazy at the end of the year?

Big A's class made Father's Day cards and I cut the ties for them out of fabric. So cute, don't you think? His teacher, Mrs. S, is showing off all of their beautiful work.

Where have I been? I decided on a spur of the moment trip to Toronto. I needed to just rest my brain and get some inspiration. There's lots of stuff happening in the next month for work and homestuff so getting away was the perfect remedy. I should be getting my fabric in the next few weeks. Yay! So let's say that we have a little contest? Tell me what you're going to do this summer. You can leave a comment here or my website, e-mail me, or comment of Facebook. Everyone will be included in the drawing! Let your friends know! When my fabric comes in, you'll get a fat quarter of each design and a couple of my books. We'll end this contest this Saturday and I'll announce it Sunday. Have fun! xo, L

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day Of School!

School's out! Yippee! Now we can relax and enjoy sticky popsicles upside down! xo, L

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, ...

No, it's Mr. S!  At night, he's Batman, but by day, he's Mr. S, the Letter People Superhero. Batman can't smile or else the villains won't be scared of him but apparently, Mr. S is your neighborhood friendly hero. 

Have a great day to all who celebrate Letter People Day! xo, L

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Out In Clinton

We had a fun day out on Saturday in our town. There was a little environmental fair at the Red Mill and since the weather was finally nice, we ventured out. Every year there's a contest to see who has the best dressed shop. My favorites never disappoint!

Over the bridge and to the Red Mill. Ooooh, Mommy, can you come here for a sec? Yeah, there's this iguana that I wouldn't mind having.

I'd rather have this little guy, thank you very much. Cute as a button. Every knitter should love the one with the funky haircut. It's a suri alpaca and the last one is a llama.

The scenery was fine and there were canoe rides too. My baby's thought on paddling with Mom? "I thought that I was going to die."

Super hero Letter S will make his debut next. xo, L

Friday, June 12, 2009


Here we are going into the last week of school. Whoo! Hoo! I am frantically making these fun crochet squares to make a pillow for our little friend, Isabella for her birthday party. The pattern is courtesy of Rose Hip. They're fun and addicting.

I've been making these little pouches for year end gifts. Fun too and so practical.

Here's a better pic of the hanging. When I took this photo, the rain was coming down hard this morning. Sun's peaking out a bit now. Yeah!

Big A wanted me to show you a couple of his zoo photos yesterday. You wouldn't think that it had poured buckets of rain while they were there.

Have a great weekend! I know that I will. A little birdie told me that I will get my hands on some of my Inspiration line soon. Very, very, soon. xo, L

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Actual Proof

Proof that I am actually making stuff. I am making a superhero costume for Little A. They have a Letter People Day next week and he choose the letter 'S' because she is a superhero. I'll show you when the little superhero stops for a split second for a photo op.
Meanwhile, I've been obsessing with little details lately. I am loving zippers and button makers. See how simple it is to dress up a plain ol' pincusion? I had scraps of my 'Funky Flowers' fabric hanging around and decided that I needed a new pincushion. So fun and cute!
I made this little wall hanging [sorry for the bad photo. It has been awful here and getting a nice shot is near impossible.] for my Sew Sentimental book and the little ones to whom I give this hanging to love to store their little treasures in it. It is just a simple 9-patch sandwich with vinyl pockets sewn to various squares for pockets. I used scrapbooking supplies like rub-ons for the lettering and clips to attach a ribbon for hanging at the top.

Oh, I don't know if I ever announced this officially, but I do have an inspiration journal of photographs on my website. Just click My Journal on right sidebar. 

Off to sew my superhero a costume. xo, L

Monday, June 08, 2009

Lazy Blogger

As I said last time, it has been crazy around here. I just have to get over tomorrow [I'm volunteering for Field Day] and I can get back to regular posting. This weekend Big A and Reno had their tae kwon do testing. They were both testing at the same time in two different quadrants of the gym so there I was sitting in the middle of the gym with two video cameras and one regular camera and Little A in tow. Tried my best.  I think that their testing was easier than my trying to get them both on tape. Great job guys!

Then, the boys had final exams at Chinese School. My brain hurts. Thought I'd share some of the pretty crafts that the school offers our kids. I love the beading projects.

I'll be back soon with my Miss S cape and t-shirt.  xo, L

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What A Week!

It has been a crazy, crazy week. Little bits of work stuff have kept things a bit nuts and on top of that we have tons of school stuff going on. Today, Little A had his Author's Tea. Great job!

I received this little lovely in the mail from my friend Renee of Liberty Star. She's soooooo talented. Extra gushing for that little tag and twine that's wrapping the pattern. Check out her patterns. So lovely.
xo, L