Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the land of antibiotics and inhalers. I've been sick over the holidays but it hasn't completely stopped me from enjoying visiting relatives. My mom, brother, and aunt are here and it's been nice to have them here.

I've been watching and reading about the year in review in the news and in magazines. Lots of milestones in the world and it is no different for me personally. This year was forgettable and yet unforgettable. I lost four special people in my life within a six month period - my dad, my grandmother, my father-in-law and his brother, Uncle Joe. I've missed them all especially over the holidays but I've been blessed to have had them in my life.

From a design perspective, it has been the best year for me. I worked hard last year so that much of the work could come to fruition this year. I've had four and a half [contributed to the latter] books published, lots of magazine and fabric work. I thank all of the wonderful people in our industry for supporting my visiion and I especially thank all of you for coming along for the ride! Here's to a great new year.

xo, Linda

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you to all for your support this past year. It has been one with some major ups and downs but all of the friendship has meant a lot to me and my family. All the best to you and your families. xo, Linda

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Sparklers & Holiday Winners!

There's a shop in the town where I live that is so inspiring. Heartstrings is a wonderful shop full of vintage gifts and their window display just sparkles! I took this the other night during our Christmas Parade. It was so magical with all of the holiday lights in the town and in the parade.

I've been having fun shopping with Little A. He loves to walk down the street and sing Jingle Bells. So off-key and yet oh so cute. Adults walking by often join in and start singing [off-key as well] with him. Thankfully I did my shopping in November. It is crazy out there.
Speaking of gifts, you didn't think that I forgot about our little contest did you? First, the technicalities. Two little judges drew slips of paper from the e-mails that were received. Then they continued to draw some more so I am including few mini-bundles for three other contestants. Drum roll please.
The winners are:
Ursula Anvil - Cool Girls Quilt book
Mary Zilg - Large bundle of fabric
Kelly Willis - Large bundle of fabric
Michelle Benton [?], sugar creek stuff - Mini-bundle of fabric
Karen Weir -Mini-bundle of fabric
Monique Harris - Mini-bundle of fabric
Please e-mail me your snail mail and I will post the items to you. Thanks so much for reading and entering the contest.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm In A Holiday Mood & Giveaways Too!

Yippee! Today is publication day for Sew Sentimental. It's not just a scrapbooking book. There are some great projects for you to make as gifts. For the book, I designed one large quilt and one little quilt, some pillows, a growth chart and a fabric envelope. Check it out!

Presenting, the Here, Birdie, Birdie Tote Bag. Yes, I finally got around to finishing it. I have the template posted on my website. Just click the link on the right. Now, the pattern itself is another story. It may be the end of the week before I get to it. I used some fabric from my new fabric line, Gardenia. Sorry for the poor photo. It is ugly outside and my model, Little A, won't cooperate. He thinks that it is funny that Mommy wants him to pose. Little does he know that that's him on the cover of Sew Sentimental!

Plus, we had a minor castrophe last Thursday. My very expensive and very relatively new Maytag washer had one very major hissy fit. There had been problems with this machine and they've discontinued it. I think that is what made Maytag, Maytag no more. So we decided to buy a new one. We now have one wonderful [keep my fingers crossed] Whirlpool machine. Please don't tell me that you've had problems with yours. I don't think that my hubby can handle it!
I suddenly find myself in a holiday mood! Let's have a little giveaway. I have two bundles of my newest line, Gardenia. Plus, I have one copy of Cool Girls Quilt to give away too. Gee, I feel like Santa! E-mail me all through Sunday and I will draw three names Sunday night. Good luck!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I made this tree skirt for a book and for once, I have used a design for myself. I bought the sparkly reindeer ornament when I was in Toronto a couple of months ago. I'm in love with it! As you can see, I don't really decorate in "traditional" colors. Then again, what is traditional? I don't eat turkey at holidays either. For some reason, I am really turned off by turkey. This year, when my family came for a visit, they ate turkey and I ate scallops.

Here's another freebie. I was playing around with the dots from my Funky Fabrics line and ended up making this fun little holiday pillow. It is so easy that no real pattern is required. Just cut a 15" x 16" piece of fabric for the front and back. Then make 15 - 2 1/4" yo-yos. I used the highly addictive Clover yo-yo makers. Arrange and pin them onto the pillow front. Cut out a stump, fuse in place and zigzag around with coordinating thread. With right sides together, sew the pillow front and pillow back together. Leave an opening for turning along the bottom of the pillow. Voila!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Special Gifts

This year has had many ups and downs but overall I have felt blessed. It is a gift to be able to design and I am grateful for your passion for all that I do! Thank you! I hope that you enjoy making this stocking! Click here for the pattern.

Speaking of special gifts, I received this beautiful handmade pincushion and label a little while ago from Lucy Locket. Isn't this gorgeous? It came in a plastic bag and I haven't removed it because I am afraid of getting it dirty. It sits right in my work area and I look at it whenever I am there. Thank you, Lucy Locket!

Monday, December 03, 2007

OMG! It's December!

Where does the time go? I can't get over the fact that Christmas is only a few weeks away. I had so much to do for business this weekend but since I had visitors, nothing was accomplished. Not a problem. I took our cousins, Helen and Angie, from Australia shopping at Short Hills Mall. It's nice to watch other people shop. If you have ever been to this mall, you'd understand. Let's just say that Tiffany's, Anthropologie and Jimmy Choo were the stops along the way. We had loads of fun and it was great getting to know them. Of course, they think that it is cold here. Oh, yes, it is veeeery cold here in the good ol' USA. I won't tell them that there was a foot of snow in Canada. They'll have to see it for themselves when they go up there in January.

We sat down on Sunday afternoon and made these sparkly little gems. It was all fun and messy and I suppose that I should have let them use washable paint. Instead, I gave them shimmery-really-tough-to-remove-even-with-nail-polish-remover ink. Hey, no pain, no gain. The ink along with using Martha Stewart's fabulous glitter, gave us sparkly and colorful ornaments.

It's so easy. Buy some plain glass ornaments and drop some ink into them. Add a load of glitter and swirl around. Place a cotton ball at the open end while you are swishing the ink around inside so that it minimalizes the leakage of the ink and prevents it from getting all over you. Let them dry and there you have some oh so sparkly tree ornaments!