Friday, April 30, 2010

Do I Need More Furniture?

Oh dear me!! I found this in someone's trash on the way to driving the kiddos to school this morning. I really don't have much more room in my place. How could I resist this one? There was a table on the person's lawn too so I promptly called my friend Roopa to convince her that the table would make a nice addition to her home. Together we carried the table to her place. Our husbands are shaking their heads. At least I'm sure hers is. Mine is on his way home from a business trip. I haven't told him about this one yet.

I had some of this upholstery weight fabric and I thought that I could do something funky with this one. I'm not quite sure what color I want to paint the legs. There's white [not crazy about it but if it works I'll consider it], black [same feeling as white], gray-green range, dark gray, dark blue, ... Got any suggestions? 

What do you call this piece of furniture? It's not a chair, stool or ottoman. Hmm. Let me know, will you? Thanks.
Have a great weekend!
xo, L

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirty-Five Dollars

I do a yearly visit to a local rummage sale and I often end up with a nice piece of furniture for an awesome price. Do you remember my dining room chairs? I love a modern look but I also love mixing antiques in with the decor. My dad used to take us along with him when he went scouring flea markets for great finds. I even have a wooden chair that looks like a royal throne that I inherited when he passed away. So, my friend, Roopa and I headed down there to look for our treasure. I came home with this awesome table and all of those books for just under $35!! Those 40 books, by the way, are those $4 kids chapter books that you buy in Barnes and Noble. Awesome, right?

There are scratches and I'm not sure about what I want to do with the table. On the one hand, I want to do one of those awesome before and after treatments but on the other hand, I rather like the old vintage look. What do you think?

Oh, by the way, don't tell my husband about this table, ok? He doesn't mind but he's starting to wonder where we're going to put everything. Plus, he'll find out about it when he trips over it Friday night when he comes home from his business trip.

Have a great weekend! xo, L

Sunday, April 25, 2010


When I am working on something for work, I often need to process things in my noggin. I'll usually distract myself with little projects. I originally made these little zippered pouches for my boys but I found myself using them to hold my notions. The pattern is by Connie Woo. Oh so cute. My boys will get their pouches back at some point!

Then my local quilt shop, Kindred Quilts , was offering these little kits to make Friendship Triangles. The idea is to buy some, sew them up and return them to the shop. The shop would swap the triangles around and return the same number that you submitted. I wasn't going to buy any but then Mark Lipinski just had to post about his triangles on Facebook and I saw his finished ones [and others] at the shop. Ok, so I had to get in on the sewing and swapping. It has been a fun and easy sewing exercise [especially since I am not best friends with paper piecing.]

I can't wait to show you the blocks that I received at the end of May. Have a great Monday! xo, L

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Weekend

I'm not really having a lazy weekend. Don't let that title deceived you. It's more like a lazy morning and the rest will be busy but at a slower pace. I have lots of work to do! CraftEdu will be launching it's beta version April 30. Yikes! Are we seriously almost there already? I just signed off on a freebie quilt design for my new fabric line, Hugs and Kisses and am working on the next quilt for the next line, Bella Flora.

It is just nice to run into friends and have a little conversation while you're enjoying the morning sunshine. So relaxing.

Notice anything different? Little A just got glasses. I think that it was just his fate and our genes. Tell him it looks good, will you please?  This little guy wanted a cool looking pair or else he wasn't going to wear them. [Apparently, another classmate came to school wearing glasses the day he had his appointment and some boys had made fun of her. So, Little A was not sold on wearing them.]

I look around for inspiration even while fishing. Look at this beautiful web. I think that you could incorporate these lines in your next quilt while you are quilting.

Enjoy your weekend. xo, L

Friday, April 16, 2010

Have You Ever Received A Gift?

Just because? My friend, Lila, presented me with this fabulous and beautiful gift that her very talented hubby, Drex, made by hand for me! Just for me! Right now, though, instead of holding my rulers, it is holding my new business cards. I'm so lucky.

Thank you, Lila and Drex. 
xo, L

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Snippet ...

is all I'm allowed to show you for now. However, the nice weather and the fact that I am working have me feeling a wee bit rebellious. Here's another sneak peak and, oops, I think that I snuck in another print. Photoshop made me do it, honest. This line will be presented at the Henry Glass booth. Check it out!! I have to stop now or else I may accidently slip and show you another line that I have coming out this summer. 
How about showing some lovely flowers that are on my dining table right now instead? Ahhh! Much better. I don't feel so sneaky now.

Ok, K, I'm going to stop being naughty now. xo, L

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Days

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter. We went up to Toronto to visit with family and friends over Spring Break. It was a much needed break as things have been super crazy around here. My friend and co-homeroom mom, Joanne, found this project on-line and I made up this sample of an adorable bunny for Little A's Spring Party craft project. So cute.

First, tomorrow is my birthday! Whee! I'm not fussy about my birthday but I won't complain when I get a cool box from the UPS guy. Look what I received from the folks at Aurifil. Now, they didn't send this specifically for my birthday but what timing!

I received this awesome case filled with thread! Alex, from Aurifil, allowed me to choose 40 spools of thread from their color card and the remaining 8 were threads of their choosing. The color card is fabulous. Nothing beats the Aurifil array of colors. Luscious and decadent color.

I love the case that came with the threads. I wanted to be like my little one and take the case to sleep with me!! [My little one has slept in his sled in my living room and in his snow suit in bed.]

Yummy and sexy! The greens may look the same but let me assure you that the changes are subtle and delicious! Am I tempting you yet? You need to run out and buy some of this thread for yourself. Why?
I must admit that I had a large thread collection before trying Aurifil threads. One day I bought some at the Lancaster quilt show and I fell in love. No more scant seams because the thread is fine [but strong!]. I tried to find some thread to match my "Inspiration" fabric line and couldn't find any colors from other brands at my local quilt shop. That's when I bought the Aurifil threads at Lancaster. 

Okay, so I am going on and on about this thread. Let the photos do the talking! Thank you, Alex and Aurifil!!  After I catch my breath, I'll have to show you some photographs of some fun places that I've been to lately.  xo, L