Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Blossoms

We are enjoying the fresh spring weather. It's time to bring out the bicycles, scooters, and to freshen up the spring wardrobe. I was in Walmart yesterday and I saw this large group of jewelry findings for sale. I decided to have a little fun, bought  a few things and dug out a few things from my stash. I ended up making this necklace for about $13. 

Enjoy! xo, L

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Fairy Tale

A long, long time ago, there was a girl who was just starting out her quilt design career. She met a group of fine ladies at Quilt Connection and they helped her start her quilt design career. The co-owner, Lois Griffin, was [and still!] a funky soul and this girl hit it right off with Lois. 

Years later, the girl continued on with her design career and Lois too, moved on, and changed directions. The shop eventually closed and Lois started to create beautiful things herself. The two met up again for some shopping, for crafty goodness and for a lunch date with Alicia and Tricia.  The girl was inspired by her friend's talent.

Here's Lois in front of a beautiful quilt that was hanging in Pennington Quilt Works today. Now take a look at the GORGEOUS necklaces that Lois made from her own hand-dyed fabric and beads. She's starting a shop soon and I think that all of you need to buy yourself one of these absolutely magnificent pieces of art. 

Who needs to eat when one can oogle fine jewelry on the table?

Here's the girl trying on her favorite necklace. xo, L

Friday, March 05, 2010


I'm busy, busy, busy. No, I haven't quit quilting. I'm finalizing my CraftEdu classes and then it's on to filming. Then, I'm working on something special for the Aurifil people and some fabric stuff for Henry Glass . Some other things rumbling in the background begging for attention too.

So what do I do? I buy some bead kits from my local bead shops and make some jewelry so that I can think/process while I'm crafting. I've told you before that all ideas are born in my brain and stay there until I execute it. I need something else to divert my attention and making these trinkets did the trick.

I also needed to prove to myself that I'm not an incompetent beader too. Oh, I'm not into beading so much. Kelly, another mom at our Chinese school, takes the beading class that is offered at our school. I bought a wreath kit from her and I just couldn't wrap my brain around the directions. In my defense, the directions weren't entirely clear. So, she ended up making the wreath for me. Now, I can say that I can bead! Oh, yes I can! These are some of the projects that they offer in the classes at the school. Amazing!

Earlier in the week, I visited this terrific guy at his new digs.  Mark Lipinski is on track to bringing you some awesome craftiness. Look for his new magazines this fall. Meanwhile, if you are on Facebook, you can become a fan of Mark Lipinski's Create and Mark Lipinski's Fabric Trends magazines.

Have a great weekend! xo, L