Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Over the holidays I had started a few projects. I needed to do some crafty things that others had designed. Sometimes I need a diversion from my designs and just let someone else do the work.

I hadn't done crochet for a long time but I had picked up couple of Japanese crafty books. I made an amigurumi bear and I just started a lacey cell phone holder. I love the look of the lacey piece but I'm not sure that I would do a lot of the fine crochet. My eyesight is bad enough. Of course, I would re-call my crochet abilities by using a size 3 hook. Yes, the meds are still affecting me.

I started a new pair of mittens. I LOVE Fleece Artist and her yarn bundles are fabulous. They're a quick knit and the color is oh so yummy. It's a purple mix. I don't normally wear purple but this shade of purple goes really well with my aubergine colored coat.

I have been on a nesting binge especially with all that happened last year. I have had the urge to renovate, rejuvenate and de-stash. I started by trotting off to the local paint shop today and brought back a zillion swatches. I can't decide!!! Yikes. I love color but since I live in a small townhouse with no other females in sight, the melons, oranges, yellows and fuschias are off the list. Too dramatic in a testosterone driven home. I have mixed ideas about what a home should look like. I love so many different styles that keeping it all in sync is my biggest problem. I love Tricia Guild. Her colors are bright and dramatic. On the other hand, I love the modern/retro look. You'll see the look in my upcoming book, "Home Stuff" in the Modern Crafter Series [Leisure Arts].

I don't care for a country or primitive look. I do love it when you see a home that mixes old with new. I inherited a wooden throne-like chair, a wooden desk set and a watchmaker's repair table last year when my Dad passed away. They're in storage right now but I love those old pieces. My Dad also bought me two treadle sewing machines a long time ago. I look forward to the day when I can have all of the pieces together with me.

Hopefully, I will narrow it down in a few days. I need to rejuvenate. I think that I said that already. It's my buzz word for this new year.