Monday, June 08, 2009

Lazy Blogger

As I said last time, it has been crazy around here. I just have to get over tomorrow [I'm volunteering for Field Day] and I can get back to regular posting. This weekend Big A and Reno had their tae kwon do testing. They were both testing at the same time in two different quadrants of the gym so there I was sitting in the middle of the gym with two video cameras and one regular camera and Little A in tow. Tried my best.  I think that their testing was easier than my trying to get them both on tape. Great job guys!

Then, the boys had final exams at Chinese School. My brain hurts. Thought I'd share some of the pretty crafts that the school offers our kids. I love the beading projects.

I'll be back soon with my Miss S cape and t-shirt.  xo, L