Sunday, April 25, 2010


When I am working on something for work, I often need to process things in my noggin. I'll usually distract myself with little projects. I originally made these little zippered pouches for my boys but I found myself using them to hold my notions. The pattern is by Connie Woo. Oh so cute. My boys will get their pouches back at some point!

Then my local quilt shop, Kindred Quilts , was offering these little kits to make Friendship Triangles. The idea is to buy some, sew them up and return them to the shop. The shop would swap the triangles around and return the same number that you submitted. I wasn't going to buy any but then Mark Lipinski just had to post about his triangles on Facebook and I saw his finished ones [and others] at the shop. Ok, so I had to get in on the sewing and swapping. It has been a fun and easy sewing exercise [especially since I am not best friends with paper piecing.]

I can't wait to show you the blocks that I received at the end of May. Have a great Monday! xo, L