Sunday, November 18, 2012

Byrne Sewing - Cont'd

The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party is finished but the giveaways are still open. I still have mine open and there are hints about the baby photos if you need them on the Henry Glass blog!
Announcement! I will be at Pennington Quilt Works in December! Come by and say hello. I will be doing a talk and book signing. Can't wait to see you!

I thought that I'd share some more photos from one of my latest appearances. I took so many photos when I did my book signing at Byrne Sewing in New Britain, PA. To me that is a sign of a wonderful quilt shop! Cathy [above though cropped because her eyes were closed!] made a fabulous pillow from my book, New Noel! I love it! I love the green in the pillow and in the sweater that she is wearing!

I always love these pincushions that use a finial for a base. These samples were so cute!

I found a copy of Stitch Gifts while I was there. My latest magazine design is in there. It is a fabulous issue! There's many doable easy projects for gift-giving!

Love these snow globe quilts that they had on display!


xo, L