Thursday, January 25, 2007

Red is for February

I love little hankies. Although most of my designs in the past have centered around bright and colorful applique, I love all things antique. My Dad was really into the whole flea market thing before it was even trendy. He'd go every week. I have dibbs on an antique chair that resembles an emporer's throne in our living room at home. I had a colorful hanky when I was young and I would carry it everywhere. It's gone now but luckily I live near some funky little antique towns. One store in particular, Mill Crest Vintage Clothing is located in Lambertville, NJ. It is a treasure trove of vintage clothes, and textiles. I bought some hankies there recently. These were cute and red all over. Perfect for Valentine's Day. I bought this dish in another adorable shop here in town [Heartstrings]. As a designer, it's great to see how things come around again in another cycle. Retro and vintage charm is really hot. I still love really vibrant colors. I was looking around my home this week thinking that I should really put together the look of my home! Well, I think that my problem is that I like everything and haven't put it all together yet. I love Tricia Guild as much as Frank Lloyd Wright. I love the gorgeous and inspiring work of my friend Amy Butler [] and the primitive and beautiful artistry of the lovely ladies of Blackbird Designs]. I am so grateful that I work in a community of creative and passionate artists who bring the best of their vision. I met these women at the Better Homes and Gardens' Creative Circle of Excellence Retreat last year. I must say that I was truly even more inspired by their passion and personalities beyond their actual work, which by the way, is wonderful in itself. They have a beautiful product but I believe that the person behind the work makes it special.

I think that I have become nostalgic because of a book that I just finished for Martingale & Co. [That Patchwork Place]. It is all about scrapbooking and my focus was on simple, classic pages using fabric. Designing for this book made me stop my crazy life for a brief moment and think about my family, my work and my past a little bit. It was fun visiting those memories and it helped me re-focus my designs and future products. Interesting how reminiscing can impact your vision of your life.

So, stop for a moment and let your memories re-focus and re-energize you. I think that you'll be amazed with what you can achieve.