Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Can't Hang A Quilt There

I know little ghost artists who like to draw on walls. How can you argue with someone who says "but I used the washable markers?"

Here's a photo of my livingroom with my brother's photographs. They are awesome! He and his buddy Pete travel, fish and photograph together. They also print the photographs themselves. They're amazing.

Run out and buy the current issue of Better Homes and Gardens' Quilts & More. My funky little placemats are in there and they used some of my "Paisley Parade" fabric in one of the projects. While you're out there, buy "Quilter's Home" too. Mark had a great little feature on the "Paisley Parade" line. Thanks!

I went to the NJ quilt show this weekend and had fun. I met up with a friend, Karen [R], who works in the quilting industry with me. She came along with her sister, Linda [L], and friend, Mary Beth [center]. They're very nice ladies who have such an enthusiasm for crafting and quilting. Thanks for hanging out with me!

I just finished some projects for Leisure Arts and I am soooo stoked about these projects. Can't wait to show you. I'll keep you posted.