Friday, October 19, 2007

Drum Roll Please

Well, this has been an interesting adventure. I confirmed and discovered a few things along the way. First, I have way many more "readers" of my web site updates than I do on my blog at this time. I expected that because I had neglected my blog for a very long time. That's ok. I am working on that. This brings me to discovery #2. I had fun posting on other blogs and in the process, I won a beautiful handmade pincushion from this lovely lady, Third, and very important, I came away very inspired by all of the new blogs and projects that I viewed over the course of the week. Fourth, my computer is about to explode any second now. I can't even open the pics of the drawing slips because my hard drive is full. So, you will have to trust me on this one. I will post the pics of the slips later.

However, before I post the winners [yes, I am stalling ;)] I will post a new tote bag project up soon [relative term depending upon when my new computer is up and running and probably after I return from the International Quilt Market next week]. For those of you who are going to be there, I won't have a booth but I will be giving a Schoolhouse Presentation on Friday at 10:30 a.m. in Room 372B. I hope to see you there!

I also got a little carried away during the drawing. Big A and Little A, the officials who officiated the drawing wanted to draw some more names. Who can argue with a 6-year old and a 4-year old? Therefore, we will have a few extra winners of mini-bundles of fat quarters [4 fat quarters]. I really shouldn't be so mean because I am absolutely horrible at holiday time when I want to know what I'm getting! Lets go throught the technical stuff first. I printed the comments from the blogs and the e-mail addies from those who e-mailed and folded all of the slips. Last names are deleted to protect the innocent. Then, I [well, Big A] put them all in a dish. I had no input after this point except to stop the name drawing. Big A drew the first name and Little A drew the second name for the two fat quarter bundles. The winners are:

amy [ACK! Those fabrics are GORGEOUS! ...]
Patricia, who's originally from Madrid and who e-mailed me [Love the pillow & the fabrics]

For the mini-bundles:

Debora and Deb from Watkinsville, Georgia
Jodi [Oh! Your new fabrics look soooo pretty!]
Shawn [What gorgeous fabrics.]
Christy [Looks like you've got a few new readers, including me!]

I hope that this is ok with all of you. I have the new computer. All of my business stuff needs to be downloaded, updated and whatever this weekend. I put the references there just so there wouldn't be any mix-ups. Thanks for entering. I hope to have some exciting stuff for you from Houston! I am excited! No chores, eating out and hanging with creative friends. Can't wait.

So send me your snail mail and I will post them as soon as I can.