Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Walk On The "Wild" Side

I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed a "me" day. I love to wander around with my camera and go to my favorite little hangouts.

Check out the banner above. Queen St. West is one of my favorite areas in Toronto. There are lots of funky shops and the biggest yarn shop, Romni Wools, you can ever imagine. Years ago when I designed greeting cards, the paper place was known as The Japanese Paper Place. It was a wonderful store with such character. The store has new owners and it's still an inspiring place. I must admit that my first love is paper and this store is addictive!

Next door is one of my favorite book stores, TYPE. I love the atmosphere and I can, without a doubt, stay there for a good period of time just browsing the kids' section.
A few doors down, there's this cool architecture. Isn't it great how they blended the old with the new? Did I ever tell you that I thought about being an architect when I was young?
I love the orange colors that decorate the outside of this cute gardening shop just a few doors down the street.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour as much as I have. I've got a few more pics and then some of my trip to Delaware, DC and Maryland this week. xo. L