Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daisy Hill

At the suggestion of my friend, Amy Butler, we took a detour to Daisy Hill Greenhouses in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Daisy Hill is indeed a special little place. The plants are so beautiful and the greenhouse is located on a private gated property. The house on the property looks like a little castle.

I loved the walkway just outside the greenhouses. The soft colors were soothing and they did not give hint to the lush colors that I would soon see inside the greenhouse.

Oh, the colors of the plants inside the greenhouse were vibrant and rich. It really felt so alive and beautiful inside.

There were three long areas full of plants like this.

These were not only beautiful in color but also in the visual texture.

I don't have a green thumb though I am trying to remedy this. I did buy a couple of mini conifers, a little plant that has flowers that look like little goldfish and a venus fly trap plant. My little one is enthralled with the venus fly trap. At first he was scared because he thought that the plant would eat his finger. After that, it was so "cool" and he watched it "eat" a bug.

I hope that you're enjoying the Labor Day weekend!