Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Other Derby

We had a super fun Saturday here in Clinton. There was a fishing derby and we were out the door around 8 a.m. [I know, as my friend Colleen reminded me, the real derby is in less than 6 days.] Stylin' aren't we? The scenery was beautiful too.

Little A started out well enough. He was all ready to fish, until he discovered that the bait tubs contained worms!

Little A tried to fish a bit but, as I said before, he soon forgot about the fish and focused his attention on the tub of worms. I was enjoying the scenery and not hooking any worms.

"Look, Mommy. These are so cool and squishy."

Big A turned out to be great at casting the rod.  In the end, it was so much fun.  How could I resist when they looked at me like this and asked if they could bring the worms home?

xo, L