Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was in Kindred Quilts yesterday and oh how I love Valentine's. I bought some fabric to make a little quilt. The colors are so sugary sweet. Darling! I'm going to have fun! I started to make a drawing for the applique in the quilt. You can see a hint of it below.

I bought this book too. I love all things zakka. Do you? I adore linen and this book will make me cut into some of that wonderful Japanese fabric that I have in my stash.

Do you remember this quilt? This was the quilt that started it all. My quilt career was launched with the publication of this quilt pattern. It was a BOM pattern and now, I am proud to offer it as a complete pattern. It will be available next week and you can order it from Kindred Quilts. It is called "Believe" [there is a boring story as to why this wasn't named "Dream"] and it was fun to make. I'm interested to see how you will color this quilt now! Do send me a photo when you're done. xo, L