Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Market, To Market

Oh, little blog, it has been a while.  I've been busy and playing. I'll have to update you on all of the fun. I just returned from Minneapolis where the Quilt Market was hosted this spring. What a great show! The show is full of inspiration and it is a wee vacation for me. I get to do some business, be inspired by new things and to see or meet friends.

Here's the cool second colorway.

The lovely people at Henry Glass were showing my newest line, Hugs and Kisses, and Bella Flora. I'll tell you about it in the weeks to come. The quilt above is the free pattern for Hugs and Kisses. Speaking of cool folks, here are some Henry Glass designers. Lovely, lovely ladies. From left, Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup, Carrie Nelson, Mary Ellen , me, and Heather Mulder Peterson . I had dinner with Barbara, her sister, Glenda and Karen from Henry Glass. It was at an awesome and funky restaurant, Zelo. We had such a blast and the food was seriously amazing.

The convention center is an interesting place in downtown Minneapolis.

I don't have a booth there so I am lucky because I book appointments or wander around and meet my favorite people. I get to meet with magazine and book editors, fabric people and others. Here's my fave guy, Mark Lipinski. He was very busy with presenting his fabulous new magazines. You're in for a treat this fall when the magazines make their debut.

I chatted with my friend, Amy Butler. Her booth was awesome as usual. We met a few years ago at a retreat that the terrific folks at American Patchwork and Quilting invited us to. Amy's got tons of new projects going on. Most exciting for many is the debut of her new line of yarns. The colors are very fun and very wearable. She has a new book coming out with Chronicle Books. Wait until you see it! I think that it is the best book yet because the designs are really wonderful.

She graciously signed books for her fans.

Here's a glimpse at her newest line of fabrics.

This is an image of the projects from her book.

Onward to other booths. This one from Clothworks, caught my eye. Check out these adorable little "shirts" that are hanging on the lines.

Ok, it seems that my little blog is having a fit and not letting me post my photos properly. Will be back tomorrow. [Keepin' my fingers crossed.]
xo, L