Sunday, September 18, 2011

A New Year & The Lovely Edita Sitar

Yes, my years follow the school year. I never feel that January 1st is a new beginning.

I had an insane summer that really wasn't a summer because it seemed much more hectic than all of the music lessons, school activities, etc. The book is at the publisher's, my grandmother was not well but is slowly recovering, I have a new niece, we felt an earthquake on the east coast, our town was flooded by the hurricanes and the boys are back at school now! Phew!

I contributed to this lovely book and it is going to be available on Tuesday! That's my pincushion on the cover. I hope to see your versions of it in the near future!

Edita Sitar is our wonderful Aurifil Designer of the Month. I had a post but it disappeared into blogland's black hole.

Her quilts are gorgeous. I want to make the one with the swirling vines. Let us know which one you like and do make hers and post it to the Flickr page for a chance to win some amazing thread.

What next? I'm working on some treats that will be available from my local shop and there's going to be a party later on in the year. Are you ready?

I'm not sure my body is ready but I am totally up for the challenge! Stay tuned!


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