Friday, January 23, 2009

Eating While You Work

This time of year I always love a good soothing bowl of soup. It grounds and warms me somehow because I am forever trying to multi-task and am running around like some crazy woman. Lately, I've been working on book stuff, new web site stuff, etc. I made some of this favorite soup and yes, those are olives that you see in there.  I can't remember how I came about this recipe but it's yummy. Please forgive me but I am not an exact measurements kind of gal.

Chicken, Leeks and Olive Soup

6 - 8  Chicken drumsticks [I prefer to take the skin off]
2 Stalks of Leeks [chop into 2" lengths]
1 Small Jar of Green Olives
Chicken broth
Salt and Pepper if desired 

Throw everything into a pot or a slow cooker and let cook until chicken is done and leeks are tender. Simple and delicious.

xo, L