Sunday, January 18, 2009

New and Old

I am starting work on my next book. The deadline is a tight one and I have to get cracking. Funny thing though. I just received two boxes of my samples back from the publisher. It has been a year or so. Whenever I do get samples back, it is like Christmas because I don't know what I will be getting back. I usually design, sew, write and send the samples out. Though I take photos of the pieces for myself, there's nothing like touching the real thing. I often forget how the project looks and feels until the book is published. When I get the actual samples back though, it is even more fun because I get re-acquainted with the designs. Adam has been asking about "his" Space Quilt for a long while now. Well, we are just going to have to have a little welcome home hanging ceremony tomorrow after I take the quilt out of box and press it. 

This little pillow came  from The Modern Crafter - Home Stuff. I had so much fun designing the projects for this book. The ideas are simple yet cool. I hope that you check the book out.
xo, L