Friday, March 05, 2010


I'm busy, busy, busy. No, I haven't quit quilting. I'm finalizing my CraftEdu classes and then it's on to filming. Then, I'm working on something special for the Aurifil people and some fabric stuff for Henry Glass . Some other things rumbling in the background begging for attention too.

So what do I do? I buy some bead kits from my local bead shops and make some jewelry so that I can think/process while I'm crafting. I've told you before that all ideas are born in my brain and stay there until I execute it. I need something else to divert my attention and making these trinkets did the trick.

I also needed to prove to myself that I'm not an incompetent beader too. Oh, I'm not into beading so much. Kelly, another mom at our Chinese school, takes the beading class that is offered at our school. I bought a wreath kit from her and I just couldn't wrap my brain around the directions. In my defense, the directions weren't entirely clear. So, she ended up making the wreath for me. Now, I can say that I can bead! Oh, yes I can! These are some of the projects that they offer in the classes at the school. Amazing!

Earlier in the week, I visited this terrific guy at his new digs.  Mark Lipinski is on track to bringing you some awesome craftiness. Look for his new magazines this fall. Meanwhile, if you are on Facebook, you can become a fan of Mark Lipinski's Create and Mark Lipinski's Fabric Trends magazines.

Have a great weekend! xo, L