Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is School Finished Yet?

Oh, it has been crazy busy around these parts. Crazy. Insane. Can't think straight kind of nuts. We've so many things going on that I don't think that I can keep it all straight. I still have some Market things to wrap up but I'll get to that next week.

Things have been winding down for the kids. Our Chinese school has an awesome year-end weekend. We have a delicious appreciation dinner for the teachers and there's karaoke too. My little one sat on my lap but danced in his own way. My older one, on the other hand, was Mr. Karaoke King.

Look at the food! I am hungry right now! I will dedicate myself to finishing this blog post before I head upstairs. Fish, lobster, abalone, oh my!
The next day we had graduation and a reception. It was long and hot but so very fun. My little is very relaxed before these sorts of things. He and his buddies just play with Nintendo before class.

My older one and his friend, Miss K, are keeners. They stand there and stare at the trophies for the top three students, the winners of the class speech contests and other awards. My boys are so different.
Big A loves to win trophies. We're proud of them both!
Later, at the reception, they have balloon stations and tattoo stations for the kids. [Oh those Silly Bandz are everywhere!]
Apparently, mommies need to get a cool tattoo too. 

Are you doing anything cool and exciting this summer? A lot of my Facebook friends are still quilting vigorously through the holidays. See you soon.
xo, L