Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Quilt Market Snippets - Part Two

Did you have a wonderful weekend? It went so quickly! We went to NYC one day and then we just spent lazy time by the pool.

Today's Quilt Market Snippets include friends and treasures! Two Charming Ladies from Utah sell this awesome jewelry that everyone goes crazy for. I bought the necklace below from her. They are glass charms and everyone at market is wearing them by the end of the show. Aren't they lovely? The blue charm says "keep calm and sew on".

Since we're on the topic of treasures. Check out mine above. I bought the necklace and three little charms from a designer from Vancouver. The square tile is one that I made from glass tiles from a bead shop. What's interesting if you take a closer look is a peak at my next fabric line, Bella Flora. This is a block from my free pattern for the line.  Sorry, that's all you get for now. I'm supposed to stick with the program and am only supposed to talk about my current line, Hugs and Kisses .

My most favorite thing about market is meeting and spending time with old and new friends. I'm going to introduce you to a few of the lovely people that I get to chat with.

Marianne Byrne-Goarin of Cinnamon Patches [and Alex Veronelli of Aurifil] at her Schoolhouse Presentation.

Sarah Moon of The Fabric Shop Network .

Lynette Anderson, former Henry Glass designer who will be designing for Lecien.

Oh, check out these lovely ladies. Remember them from the Designer Blog Hop back in November? We'll we were chatting about doing something else. You'll just have to wait and see.

I should mention that the talented Miss Carrie Nelson has a new book out with Martingale & Co.

These ladies are from Ottawa. They own a lovely shop called Quilty Pleasures .

Lucky me, right? xo, L