Monday, August 02, 2010

Full Moon

You know that when I call my kiddos "lil' punks", I'm just kidding right? Right? When I tell you that I want to wring the little guys' necks, I don't really mean it. Right? Little A is such a crazy kid. Apparently, it's been said that he's the spitting image of his momma when you count only his personality. Naw!!

See? Funny. Crazy. Silly. What a package.  Drives his big brother nuts too but they love each other.


Drives his momma nuts too but she loves him. [That would be said child with his tie on backwards.]


Well, last week was all about Little A. Big A was good for the most part. Little A, on the other hand, had an outer body experience. On top of the crazy behavior that goes on while there's a full moon, he developed swimmer's ear. Owie! Owie! Owie! Oh, did I mention the ankle pain? Double owie! After drops, blood tests and an x-ray, everything turned out fine. Knock on wood.  By Saturday, things were swimming. Only thing, his momma, who had stayed up every night with him, needed to get out of the house in search of some sanity.

His momma headed down to Pennington Quilt Works. Lovely, lovely place. Hey, she spotted something cool. Run out and buy this issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Why?

Look on the back!!! It's her quilt!! They photographed it as a party quilt but since the holiday are quickly approaching, you could use holiday fabric for this darling quilt.

PQW is full of color and texture. 

Lots of color in every nook.

She always loves their displays. In fact, she could actually live here if Jan, the owner, would let her.

Even in the bathroom, she felt important. She spied her quilt on this poster. 

That would be her quilt, bottom row, third one from the left.

Check. I'm ok now. xo, L