Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fun At The Library

It has been a fast week. Reno's away on a business trip and the kiddies go to camp. Fall is quickly approaching! Yikes!

Last night, my buddy, Mark Lipinski, asked if I wanted to go the the Clinton Public Library. There was a meeting of the North County Art Fiber Group. Sure!

We had fun chatting, the ladies had lovely projects and Mark enjoyed my iPad  for a while.

Lovely knits, lovely stitches and lovely color.

There were some spinners too. They made it look so easy! I tried to spin using a drop spindle but I didn't have great results the first time. I should try it again.

Mark and I think that counted cross-stitch is making a comeback. Did you ever like cross-stitch? I am more of a needlepoint type but my sister loves cross-stitch. This pre-printed sampler is so pretty and the stitcher found it at a thrift shop! Lucky!

Thanks to the ladies of North County Art Fiber Group for letting us be part of their night! If you are on Facebook and haven't friended either Mark or I, do so! He's got a video of the night!
xo, L

p.s. Mark has a video of the evening on his FB wall and I put it on mine. Let us know what you think!