Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Documenting Your Craft & More Infinite Variety Red and White

Welcome to the QuiltAlbum Blog Hop! Thank you Pat Sloan for inviting me to participate in this event. Make sure you comment on each participant's blog post for a chance to win a copy of QuiltAlbum! You can comment here or on my Facebook page to enter.

What is QuiltAlbum? It's a fun program that documents all of your craft projects. QuiltAlbum is easy to set up and very easy to use. The program runs on Windows and Mac. When you open QuiltAlbum, you will get a screen that's similar to the one below. Loading a photograph of my quilt "Believe" was very easy to do. Once loaded, you can fill out all of the necessary information on the left side of the screen. Categories include designer, quilt size, type of construction, etc. There's a place for you to write random notes that are special to this particular project. Go to their website for a video and more information.

Once you have created a file and filled out information, you will get an album page that looks like this one below. This is how the album page will look if you want to print it. You can select or de-select information to be printed as shown on the right.

What's cool is that you can print out different things just from this one image. You can select greeting cards of varying sizes, business cards or address labels. 

It was a fun program to play with. You would have no problem using it because everything is intuitive and clear enough for you to figure out.

Now, Ms. Sloan, wanted to share some other fun things about us with you.

What would I want to add to my studio?

I am looking for a new tablet and I think that I rather like the Intuos4 XL. My birthday is on the 6th. I think that I can treat myself!

What color would you paint your living room right now? 

If I could convince my husband, he would be painting it often so that I could try out different colors. However, since he painted the entire place by himself when we first moved in, it has been difficult to motivate him to paint anything. [I do have an avocado-colored bathroom and a chocolate-colored powder room that took about 3 years of begging so I can't really complain!] I have to be a bit careful of color selection. My hubby isn't fond of a lot of color on the walls and I do live with two little boys. Lots of testosterone though I'm sure that my mini-Marthas would love orange walls!

My living room is painted the color of my choice. It is Parisian Taupe. I love it. The color coordinates well with my modern sofa and the beautiful photographs that my very talented brother takes. 

If I had to paint it though, I would paint one wall in gypsy pink or hot lips [top row, middle and right, respectively].

Then I could pretend that I was living in this Tricia Guild living room. I love hot pink, lots of light and pattern.

Can you share a little known fact about yourself?

I chuckled when I read this question. I was interviewed recently on Pat's blog and one commenter wrote  that she knew most things about me. Ok, I thought about inventing some new things about myself [not!] and then I dug deep. What could I write about?

There's the fact that I hate to eat things like ribs with my fingers.  I can manage to eat the entire rib with a knife and fork. Did you really need to hear that? Probably not. So I dug a little deeper and I came up with the following little known fact about me.

Most people call me Linda or Alex/Adam's mom but there are a few nicknames out there and only one person ever calls me one particular name. My high school friend, Judie, calls me "Linda Lum Chum", Linda Wood from Kindred Quilts calls me "Lin", Mark Lipinski calls me "Linda Lum DeBono" or "LLDB" and Lenny from Henry Glass sometimes calls me "Sunny DeBono".

What's the last piece of fabric that you bought?

I bought this adorable fabric by Alexander Henry.

What's your favorite candy from the Easter Bunny?

I do love Aero ...

but if my family doesn't send any to me from Canada ...

then I do enjoy these bunnies in dark or white chocolate! Yummy! Speaking of Easter treats, I have yet to try a Peep. Do you like them? They look too cute to eat!

That's it for my Quilt Album post. Please go and read Vanessa's review. I'm sure that she'll have some fun answers to Pat's questions.

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Remember to comment here or on Facebook for your chance to win your own copy of QuiltAlbum. Let me know what you would use this program for or which feature intrigues you the most! Winners will be announced on my birthday on April 6th [though I'm sure that the announcement has nothing to do with my birthday].

I will leave you with some more photos from Infinite Variety.

xo, L