Thursday, March 03, 2011

Welcome To The Atlantic Ocean

I was at the kids' school today. I was there for most of the day because Big A's class is having Safari Day and their theme was the Atlantic Ocean. It was fun and I'm tired but I can't think about that though because I've got girls' night out at the Hunterdon Art Museum tonight with my friend Joanne.

Four moms volunteered to turn the classroom into the Atlantic Ocean. I had the kids make these adorable fish so that we could tape them to the windows. We had taped the blue cellophane on the windows to give it an underwater feeling in the class. Everything was so blue.

Then we hung up balloons, streamers and fish that the kids had made the day before. We were definitely feeling as though we were under water now. We also made some rock formations to resemble the bottom of the ocean floor.

Big A made this large blue fish below. We had the kids draw an underwater scene and cute out coral from construction paper or make coral from pipe cleaners to line the bottom of the ocean.

One of the moms had actually found some blue bubble wrap in her neighborhood so we laid that on the floor. Then we had the kids tape seashells to the floor as a path to guide the guests through the room.

We taped plastic table cloths to the ceilings to form the other walls of the ocean. These inexpensive table cloths are a must for any mom who volunteers at her child's school. They're great for parties and for decorating as you can see.

It was hard work but we had lots of fun. Now I have to nap before I go out for ladies night out!

xo, L