Friday, February 03, 2012

Your First Project?

Do you remember your first project?  I never took Home Economics in high school because we didn't have room in the class. Too many girls so I ended up taking metal shop and woodworking.

We had just moved to New Jersey and I couldn't work. I wandered into the local quilt shop because I was so bored with the lack of the hustle and bustle of the city life. I was hesitant but I wanted to make this quilt that they had on display. Susan, the maker of the sample, was working that day. I think that she thought I was a bit off of my rocker because I wanted to make this by hand. I didn't know any other way because I didn't have a machine. I bought some fabric and started to make several of the blocks by hand!

I found a few of the blocks a while ago. I look at them with amazement. I think that my piecing technique was much neater then. I don't have the patience now. 

It was fun to look back. Do you remember your first project?
xo, L

p.s. Yes, I know that I am an overachiever. I didn't go for basic squares for my first sewing project.