Friday, March 09, 2012

Cool Girls Quilt And Other Stuff!

Exciting news for Martingale & Co. fans. Martingale has just introduced ShopMartingale! Cool Girls Quilt is still available in print but you can now get the e-book version! Whoo! Hoo! 

Have you embraced technology and started buying e-books or .pdf patterns yet? I still love a great book but for some things, a digital download works too!

I recently told you about my new patterns with Patterns Gone Digital. Kindred Quilts is carrying them so give them a call or e-mail to ask about the patterns. 

They turned out great, didn't they? 

I still have my on-line class up over at CraftEdu and I will be working on more. 

Now start clicking and exploring! I know, I am such an enabler! 

Have a great weekend!

xo, L