Saturday, March 03, 2012

Goodbye Pinterest ... Sort of

I spent the past half hour deleting Pinterest. I had mixed emotions. I was sad but I also knew that the legal liabilities were more than what I want to deal with right now. Perhaps it doesn't matter to you but as an author, I just feel a bit uncomfortable for now. It is a personal thing. Please don't think that I am telling you to delete your account.

Let's back track. For a long time, I both admired the photo inspiration from the site [don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest] but I also wondered about copyright and such. Then this past week I read this blog post and then this follow-up post. I made up my mind immediately but I had to let it all sink in for a day. Then I saw this [I don't know much about this] and it was a double definite delete of things that aren't mine. Now when I post, I will post only my own images or images that have the "Re-pin" button. I totally get the desire to pin and re-pin. Am I being premature about this? I could be but with my business, I can't afford to wait for some solution. Besides, I still have my account and it will be fun to re-pin things.

How do you feel about it all?

xo, L