Monday, July 09, 2007

I drove into Manhattan this weekend and didn't even park in a lot. That's how brief it was! I needed a quick fix because I am in a suburban slump. It has been hot and I haven't been motivated much in the past couple of days to get a lot done. Plus, I'm feeling a bit of the carpal tunnel pain right now.

So, I drove in and stopped off at both Purl stores [knit and patchwork]. It was just enough of a breath of fresh air to get myself back on track. There was a lot of color to inspire and lots of fantastic textures. I bought a few little things and even made one bootie last night for my friend Elena's baby who's due in a couple of months.
I hauled around my new purchases in this new bag. Though it felt like 900 degrees outside and this bag is made from wool, I just couldn't resist carrying it around. I made it a long time ago but didn't finish it [still needs a lining] until this past week. The pattern is from my iKnit booklet but I wanted to make it in Cascade Magnum in a funky shade of kelly green. I love it! The flower is from Tinsel Trading in the city. Have you ever been to that place? Oh my, I nearly died on the spot the first time I walked in there. So many beautiful things and so much history.