Friday, July 06, 2007

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sigh! Aren't these flowers gorgeous? My mom has a green thumb [and it, unfortunately, did not rub off on me]. Someone gave me one of those climbing ivy plants once and I think that I killed it in record time! I really tried hard to keep it alive but I think that the plant only lasted a few days.

I went to Hoboken yesterday to visit one of my dearest friends, Fe. She's from Toronto and we worked together in the pharmaceutical industry years ago. She was visiting her niece there and we had a great afternoon. I have lots of acquaintances but a few close friends. She's definitely one of them. I love having friendships where I can just pick up a conversation at any time, whether it is days, weeks or months, and it just seems so seamless. Oh, we can talk, laugh and complain for hours on the phone too! It was nice to stop and spend some quality time just doing nothing. [something that I haven't a chance to do much of lately.]