Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Hangover

We had a lovely holiday. We just hung around in our PJs and took things slowly with no pressures. We did that for the most part but then we hooked up with our friends, Karen, Neal and Emily for an impromptu dinner and a fun night of conversation and Wii. Just to be able to relax with my boys and the freedom of going wherever and whenever or nowhere for a few days is such a great feeling.

We played a lot of Monopoly and Pipeline. The boys built a lot of Lego and I discovered that reading the Lego manuals is not one of my talents. In the end though,the fun of piecing the Indiana Jones, Batman, and Star Wars sets were worth the effort.

I did some baking and the cookies came out surprisingly good. I'm not much of a baker because I'm not that good at following instructions. The cookies were yummy and the recipe came from here courtesy of Ree at The Pioneer Woman.

I'm also having fun with digital scrapbooking. You have to go here for a great giveaway. Rhonna's stuff is to die for. Though I'm not normally a frilly or ultra-feminine type when it comes to design, I do love her designs. Check it out! Good luck!