Saturday, December 06, 2008

Merry Little Garland

Update: I have the templates posted on my sidebar. Have fun making them!

I made this fun little garland to spruce up my little corner of the universe. It sits on my bulletin board above my desk. I love the colors and it is a bit modern with a tradition
al flair in its shape. Wanna tutorial? Well, here goes! [I should have the templates up sometime today.]

First, you need to cut out 7 oval shapes from white felt and 7 ornament shapes from red felt. Trace and cut out the letter applique shapes from fusible web. Fuse the letters onto the white felt and zigzag around the letters with coordinating thread.

Next, using white thread, sew around the oval with a scant seam allowance as shown below.

You will end up with this. Before you go across the top of the oval, place a piece of folded ribbon at the top and continue sewing. Make sure that the sewing goes over the ribbon.

You should have a little hanging ribbon attached like this.

Thread the ribbon through the hanger to make the garland and hang up to enjoy! xo, L