Saturday, March 07, 2009

Busy Weekend Stuff, A Long Post And A Contest Too!

photo: Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Canada

I went off by myself to visit with my friends at Angelfirestudios in Basking Ridge and the The Quilt Fest of NJ in Somerset today. It had been a busy week and now it is a busy weekend. I've been working on the web site and Big A has been ill so things have been a little crazy. I've been cleaning up my studio too and have dug up some lovely books and such. So, I'll have a little contest to thank you for being patient. A bit more on that later. I'll have some photos from the quilt show soon.

I know that this is primarily a quilt/business blog and I don't normally post these things but forgive me dear reader just this one time because it is something meaningful that I can do to help.

In 2007, I lost my father, my grandmother, my father-in-law and my husband's uncle within a 6-month period. All of the people involved at every stage of each incident from the firefighters to the hospital staff were AMAZING. Even though I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry before this design biz, I never had to experience being in the hospital with a relative under such stressful times. The staff at The Ottawa Heart Institute were terrific. The hospital is having a telethon tomorrow. For those of you who are able, please consider a donation or go to the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa to help out tomorrow. For those others who want to be inspired, watch this video on a heart transplant story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today, Saturday, was a lovely warm day. I long to have more long stretches of this glorious weather. Our winter has been rotten, if I may say so. I am waiting for nice, sunny, warm days.
I started out by dropping by to see new momma, Justine. It is her store's 5th anniversary! CONGRATS. Doesn't she look adorable? Plus she's mom to Scarlett and newborn Wes. The kiddos are gorgeous. Check out her blog to see them. Oh, don't forget to check out the goods too.

Her shop is unique because it is a combined knitting and pottery place. She gives lessons right there in the shop. How cool is that?

I love her felted wall hanging. Justine carries the loveliest roving in her shop. The colors are fabulous and it feels sooooo soft.

Justine's friend made this awesome bag for her. Look, there's a peacock. Peacocks are really hip these days.

Her hats and scarves are so fun and she shows off different techniques and different yarns.

I love this sweater on the mannequin. Justine made this in Blue Sky Alpacas yarn and the pattern is from Teva Durham's crochet book.  [Justine, if you are ever donating the jacket, you know where to find me.] Look at her little Juliet sweater on the wee mannequin.

More sweater fun and what a gorgeous color.

Window love ....

This is the Blue Sky Alpacas corner.

I love felted ball ornaments. How cute is her tree?

I am going to have a contest. I don't have photos but I will include some goodies of mine [books] and books from others. So, let's have an appreciation day contest. Tell me who you appreciate. Leave a post or e-mail by Tuesday, 7 p.m. Good luck!