Saturday, December 04, 2010

Henry Glass Designers Holiday Project Parade - Day 4

Wow, this week is flying by! I am loving all of the holiday goodies. Oh goodies, I've posted a few more photos of the shops around her on my website Journal. Enjoy!

Before I go on about Day 4, I need to tell you about the first Hugs & Kisses sighting! Nanci Mahenski Quick owns The Quilted Kitty in Lincoln, NE. I've been told that she will do mail order for those of you who can't find it near you. Give her a call! She's super nice and willing to help you out!

As we are hopping along from blog to blog, please remember to take note of each designer's secret holiday word or phrase. There are rumors that Miss Carrie might put together some sort of story for you on the last day to help you along. Just a rumor and you didn't hear it from me. Also, remember that we've set up a Flickr page for those of you with finished projects! Also, the album cover for the booklet can be found on the Henry Glass blog.

Today we have another wonderful group of ladies. First, we have Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup. She's a funny lady and I loved using her wonderful fabric for my project. Her project is so cute today! Second, Lizzie B girls, Liz Hawkins and Beth Hawkins. Check out their lovely apron project that is modeled by Liz's equally lovely daughter. Finally, Laurie Bird of Rose Cottage Quilts. What an adorable advent calendar!

Barbara Jones

Liz Hawkins and Beth Hawkins

Laurie Bird

Speaking about talented friends, Linda Hanneman of Moon Beam Primatives is one of them. She works at Kindred Quilts but she does her own lovely arty endeavors that she sells at the shop or on-line. The photos don't even do them justice. I've seen them and they are gorgous!! She's got pincushions and Santas but these are my favorites. The snowman, above, is delightful and her Raggedy Ann doll has such spunk!

How did I miss these? They are in homes already but one can drool! The goth witch is so cool. Oooh, that little boy is handsome!

Have a great day!
xo, L