Sunday, December 05, 2010

Henry Glass Designers Holiday Project Parade - Day 5

We are moving right along. I don't want this to end too quickly though. These posts have put me in a jolly mood despite what's been going on in the background.

Today we have the talented Brenda Pinnick of Brenda Pinnick Designs. That Heidi Grace is such a cutie patootie! Chelsea Anderson of Pink Fig Patterns shares the spot light with Brenda today with her frilly, girly little apron.

Brenda Pinnick

Chelsea Anderson

I've had deadlines, a sick family and other stuff that I can't even breathe a word about yet. I thought, though, that I'd show a preview of my next CraftEdu class up there at the top of the page. It will be a class on hand applique. You will be able to make this cute little baby quilt. Did you notice that there's a lot of Hugs & Kisses in there with a bit of Inspiration?

Meanwhile, I have cast on for the Cristallo Beaded Cowl. It is so luxurious. It is meant to be for someone special but she may have to wait! I may want to keep it. We'll see how I feel after I finish it. The Tilli Thomas and Blue Sky Worsted yarns are gorgeous together. Last week nearly killed me with all of the deadlines and things that I had to do that I just needed a crafty diversion.

The family and I are going to start crafting and decorating in the next week. We'll bring out some of the treasures that we've made in holidays past. Last year when I was homeroom mom for Little A's class, I designed this snow globe for the kids to make for their holiday craft. I still love it so much.

A few of you asked to see the tree topper. Here it is sitting on top of a glass vase. The center is a twig leaf and I just bought whatever I liked at Michael's. I stuck them in between the twigs. No glue necessary!

Let's not even mention the fact that I haven't even thought about the holiday card. I must have had a lot of time on my hands last year when I designed this one.

Are you ahead or behind in this holiday mad rush?

See you tomorrow!
xo, L