Tuesday, December 07, 2010

henry Glass Designers Holiday Project Parade - Day 7

It is the last day of the Henry Glass Designers Holiday Project Parade! We hope that you have enjoyed this as much as we have! We wish you happiness and have a great holiday. Please stop by all of our blogs again. We'd love to see you. I'll have some news about different things coming up so please follow my blog or friend me on Facebook to find out the latest if you haven't already.

For me, I'd like to thank each and every one of the ladies. You've been wonderful and so supportive of this idea. The posts and projects have been wonderful. Thank you.

To my readers, thanks for your support of this special event. Your input and comments are what inspire us to continue to write our posts, to design and to share. Thank you.

Today we have the "crazy" gals at Buggy Barn, Janet and Pam. They have a wonderful project and post. Kim Diehl shares the spot light but we round up this event with her post on the Henry Glass blog.

Pam Soliday & Janet Nesbitt [Buggy Barn]

Kim Diehl

Have you been collecting the special words? For those of you who need a helping hand, Carrie, has flexed her writing skills and has written a poem with all of the clues in it. When you've collected all of the clues, head over to the Henry Glass blog and post the answers on the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY right after Kim's post. Remember that your comment will not show so please do not post multiple times. Your entry will go through but will not show up and it will only count once. Include your full name, e-mail and all 17 clues by Thursday, Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. You will be entered to receive all of the goodies posted above and a small gift from EACH designer! Wow!

Thank you again! Happy holidays!

xo, L