Monday, February 28, 2011

General Craftiness Around Here

There's a lot of craftiness going on around here. Every week at Chinese school, a lot of fun happens while the kids are in class. There's people doing crochet, paper work and beading. Let me show you some of the goodies from yesterday.

Annie, left, is the bead lady at the school and she just came back from Hong Kong. Don't you just love their hats? They crocheted them! She had a fun project for us. She had us make these red envelope decorations. The red envelopes [in this case also gold] are folded and stapled to make them. Beautiful!

I wanted to show you her bead projects. Can you say adorable? I want one of these bunnies.

Oh, little bear, you are cute too!

My boys would love this dinosaur.

Groovy, right?

A fish ...

A vase ...

One of her students brought in her "plate" for all of us to see. [Sorry for the bad photo.]

Side view.

So gorgeous but I don't have time to learn this ... yet.

Why?  I was busy working on my yo-yo project.  Also, my big guy's class is having a special day at school this week and their chosen theme is the Atlantic Ocean. The volunteer moms are going to turn their class into an underwater environment. I designed some fish. The kids will make them and we'll hang them from the ceiling.

We're going to have streamers and bubble wrap across the ceiling and hanging from there too.
Of course, we will need blue cellophane to cover the window and lava lamps to give the place atmosphere!

There's lots of stuff going on this week but I thought that I'd show you only the fun ones!

Oh, yes, yo-yo challenge participants. Projects should be posted on the 5th!! I can't wait.

xo, L