Thursday, July 07, 2011


Things are humming along. The book contract has been signed and I have the fabric being delivered as I am writing this. We have had visitors so it's been quite busy. Reno and I dropped the kids off in Canada and they're staying there for a little while!

Oh, I love the bridges that we have to drive over along the way. There are lots of interesting lines and patterns.

There's a lovely cross stitch and needlepoint shop very dangerously close to my mother's house. I have been going to Gitta's for years and I love her product selection. The first thing that I wanted to make was a biscornu. What is a biscornu? Biscornu means skewed, quirky and irregular in French. So essentially, in this case, it is a quirky little pincushion. I'm so excited. You can find the free pattern here on her blog. As my little one has been saying lately, O.M.G.

She has a lovely collection of European patterns as well. Look at this lovely.

I don't think that this one is from Europe but they did get permission to chart it. Gorgeous!

Back to business now. I have some writing to do. Come back tomorrow though. I'll introduce you to Miss July for the Aurifil Designer of the Month Event.

xo, L