Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What To Do? (Long post)

What does one do when she's sick for three weeks? (and that three weeks started on the very last day of school until today?) What does one do when all four of the summer classes that she's signed her kids up for are cancelled at the last minute? What does one do when she is also juggling some work and deadlines at the same time? Well, she says, let's get creative!

First though, I had to deal with a nasty cold. I have been sick and coughing up a storm for the past three weeks now. I think that I am finally over the big, bad part of this awful cold and I only have a tickle now. Summer colds are the worst. I do recommend Buckley's Cough Syrup but I think it's only available in Canada! It tastes vile but it helps a lot! We had a few visitors and we had some play time with friends.

During this time, my kids' summer plans went out the window. Has this ever happened to you? My kids signed up for engineering, chemistry, DNA and algebra and they couldn't find enough kids for this new program. So I had to get creative. Luckily there were still spots open in the tae kwon do survival camp.

It was fun for a week and then we had to invent some other fun activities. We created our own stuffies by drawing monsters and aliens onto fabric, sewing and then stuffing them with fiberfill.

We made quilts with fabric in Mom's studio.

We visited our family in Canada and did some research on rocks and minerals. Here's my nephew, Dr. J!

 We wrote research papers on the characteristics of the rocks and minerals.

All the while this gave mommy time so that she could work on some magazine and book deadlines. Do you want to see some awesome holiday fabric? I hope that it gets you inspired enough to start some holiday projects. That way you won't be crunched for time later!  First, there's Henry Glass in the stack. Ooooh!

Robert Kaufman's in there too! Awww!

Michael Miller Fabrics does a wonderful job with holiday too! Double ooooh!

Adornit has some holiday cuties too!

I'd say that we made a great recovery! Our summer is well on its way. How about yours!
xo, L