Monday, February 09, 2009

Cramming Things.

It has been a crazy week and a crazy weekend. I have some deadlines but this time, they seem to fade in the background compared to everything else. I know that I have been talking a lot about knitting lately. It's been the simplest thing that I have been able to show you while I have been working on quilting stuff that I can't show you!

I've been working on my new website and that had to be pushed back a week as well. While we're on the topic, is there anything that you'd want to see on a quilt designer's website? Do you like tutorials? Patterns for download? Just plain ol' promotional stuff? Just asking because the site is a work in progress. Let me know, I'd love to hear.

On Saturday I needed some inspiration so I headed out to Maplewood, NJ. Reno took both kiddos to a birthday party [Happy b-day, Gavin!]. I'd never been to this city but I was told of a nice yarn shop there. Since I needed color inspiration, I thought that it would fit the bill. The Knit Knack lived up to my expectations. It is a little gem in the middle of a little town that I don't think I'll ever visit any time soon. Why? I will explain later.

Her samples are lovely and tempting. The colors, textures and yarns are oh so luscious.

Even their little lamb is well-dressed!

Check out the gorgeous sweater on the left. That's Wrenna from the new French Girl Knits book knit in Twinkle's Soft Chunky yarn. Yummy!

Take a look at the super cool yarn winder. We all need one of these for sure.

Come closer and take a peek. No cranking. Just press a button on the front and away you go. Wheeeee!

Oh yeah, why won't I come back any time soon? As I was leaving, there were 5 police cars attending to some emergency in the block where I parked. So, I went around the block to head back home. As I waited for the light to change, there was a suspect just at the right side of the front of my car talking to a police officer. Suddenly, the suspect turned and ran with the officer in hot pursuit.

That's too much excitement for me and this little trip was only the beginning of my weekend. I need to rest before the next installment of my weekend. Whew!
xo, L