Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finding Inspiration

When people ask me how I design, I am sometimes shy about explaining my thought processes and little things that make me tick as a designer. I don't usually sketch in an artist's sketchbook. I tried that for a while and it was ok but it didn't completely do it for me. I make quick sketches to keep ideas but I usually like grid or lined sheets and a pen to scribble.

I do most of the thinking in my head and it doesn't come out unless I have the entire book/project envisioned in my noggin. It hurts my brain.  So I need to get into the car, drive off somewhere and process. I usually try to go somewhere pretty or cool so that I can distract myself. 

I did one small trip last week. We'd been sick for about a month with colds and other illnesses. I was desperate to just get out so I drove down to Pennington. There's a shopping plaza with a knitting shop, quilt shop and a bead shop. Don't tell your better half because he or she won't want to know about it. You won't fail to find something in this block. Pennington Quilt Works is a wonderful and inspiring place. After you're done shopping, you may need to curl up in this lovely bed of theirs.

The yarn shop and bead shops are terrific too. Look at the beading in the piece above.

I love this lamp. So funky. This is one awesome bead store.  Ahhh, I feel so much better. 
xo, L