Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playdates for Momme and Me

Three of Little A's friends came over to play. Then the school nurse called and had me pick Big A up from school because he had a tummy ache. It was fun and they played well together. I wanted to show you how little boys clean up. The two drawers are supposed to roll under the train table. 

Thought I'd show you Joanne's tote. We made the same tote but she put the ties on the ends. Much too much effort for me because I can be lazy about certain things. [Note her perfectly matched stripes. She makes me look bad!] Isn't her bag pretty? I love the color combinations that she choose.

While she was here, she worked on some applique. So pretty and again look at the workmanship. She takes care in basting the edges. It is amazing work considering she only started a few weeks ago. 

Look at that teeny, tiny stem!

I didn't get much work done because I was too busy trying to get these Flingers off of my ceiling. Thankfully, we quilters are resourceful and we have the right equipment! My 36" ruler came in handy in getting those suckers off of my ceiling.

The Flingers [rubbery sticky frogs that you fling like an elastic] were a big hit but they were really sticky. I'm sure that I will be finding them around the house all night or they might fall down from the ceiling onto my head.

I tried to get into a project while they were here so I worked on this snake scarf for the boys. Brainless and easy to put down.

See you later! xo, L