Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Actual Proof

Proof that I am actually making stuff. I am making a superhero costume for Little A. They have a Letter People Day next week and he choose the letter 'S' because she is a superhero. I'll show you when the little superhero stops for a split second for a photo op.
Meanwhile, I've been obsessing with little details lately. I am loving zippers and button makers. See how simple it is to dress up a plain ol' pincusion? I had scraps of my 'Funky Flowers' fabric hanging around and decided that I needed a new pincushion. So fun and cute!
I made this little wall hanging [sorry for the bad photo. It has been awful here and getting a nice shot is near impossible.] for my Sew Sentimental book and the little ones to whom I give this hanging to love to store their little treasures in it. It is just a simple 9-patch sandwich with vinyl pockets sewn to various squares for pockets. I used scrapbooking supplies like rub-ons for the lettering and clips to attach a ribbon for hanging at the top.

Oh, I don't know if I ever announced this officially, but I do have an inspiration journal of photographs on my website. Just click My Journal on right sidebar. 

Off to sew my superhero a costume. xo, L