Friday, June 26, 2009

Quilt Out Loud

I'm so excited! This weekend I'm filming with the Quilt Out Loud crew. Who are they? My friend, Mark Lipinski, and Jodie Davis, are co-hosting, Quilt Out Loud! It's a fun and new quilting show on QNNtv. Check it out the promo video here and then check out the show when it starts in July!!!
Don't forget my giveaway. Don't be shy! Lurkers are welcome! I hope that I don't have the same blogging problems as I did last time. My background blogging information has been weird and wonky in the two days and I got a bit worried. Blogger has been giving me some problems in the past few months and some have e-mailed to let me know that they can't post. In fact, it is giving me trouble right now. I can't seem to get that spacing at the beginning of this paragraph. It just won't let me no matter how I try. Any help would be appreciated. No answer here but trying to figure it out. A little while back, I was thinking about leaving Blogger and just continuing my inspiration journal on my blog but I enjoy writing this blog. I hope that you like reading this personal blog of mine. xo, L