Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How To Alleviate Guilt

I've been holed up in my work area with these lovely rolls of fabric that are hanging around in the corner against my inspiration wall. I will have to put up some swatches up soon. I was supposed to be ahead of things but the kids and I got sick at the end of last week. Here I am catching up. In order for me not to feel guilty about putting in time for my projects, I always set up projects nearby for the kids.

I love the little canvasses that you can buy at the art store. The paintings seem "real" and with substance when you let the kids paint on a bit of canvas as opposed to just a sheet of white paper.

The kids love Modelling Magic that Crayola puts out too. They make replicas of their favorite Pokeman characters.

Big A loves to paint so I buy him these little wood kits that he can assemble and paint. See, more use of time!

They love being creative and I love the results. No guilt here. No sir. xo, L