Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Excursions

Four deadlines this week. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. [It's the truth!] I get a wee bit behind with these posts because of work so then I do quick little posts on Facebook. Friend me there will you? You won't feel so left behind. Not as visual though.

I've done a couple of little excursions just to relieve my creative brain of any tension. My friends, Colleen and Joanne,  and I went out to celebrate J's birthday [Happy Birthday!] and we also tested Colleen's brand new Ford Shelby! Look at these cool ladies! We went fabric shopping, of course, and had a fun lunch celebration.

My family and I were driving by this boutique dealership the other day and I thought that my hubby should buy me this one for my birthday! Then I thought that I should save all of my money because I was told by the dentist that both kiddos will need braces. 
I headed down to Princeton for a few hours last weekend. It was really hot. Too hot to stick around town. A shame because they were having a sidewalk sale. I love walking around town and there's so many little things to take note of. The kids were only interested in getting some delicious ice cream and then heading back to the car. I ended up taking photos on the run.

See you really soon. I'm finishing off some projects this week and then I'll have to start thinking about the new school year.  xo, L