Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Fun - Quilting And Non-Quilting

There have been a lot of rainy days so we've been trying to take advantage of the sunny days around here whenever we've even seen a hint of sunshine.
In between, the kids and their friend, Abhay, have been going to summer camp. They've had so much fun hiking, digging and generally getting muddy and dirty. All little boys should get muddy and dirty right?

The campsite is located in a lovely wooded area. I thought that I'd include my photograph there for posterity. My debut on Quilt Out Loud is on and though it's great, I think that I look as though I'm six months pregnant on the screen. My opinion, just sayin'.

After dropping the kids off, I headed over to Kindred Quilts. There was my friend, Mark Lipinski, host extraordinaire of Quilt Out Loud. Toby, owner of Kindred Quilts [pictured in the green sweater below], Linda Hanneman [pictured with Mark, below], Ellen, Mark and I had so much fun just hanging around. Mark's such a funny guy!

Linda made these fun stuffies from an Indygo Junction pattern. I had made a pencil case similar to these guys a couple of weeks ago for Big A but I just loved these stuffies. Linda sells her beautiful designs on Etsy and they're all gorgeous with such detail! Look at this elephant pincushion! Check out my inspiration journal for some more images from today.

Interesting fabric, huh?

I love these little blocks that Toby has made kits of for sale in her shop. The photograph doesn't do them justice. The colors are so funky.

Meanwhile, I have a few more deadlines. Back to work. xo, L