Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Up

How are your holiday preparations coming along? I've been busy with little bits of this and that. In the end, though, it seems to add up to a lot and I often wonder where does the time go? Have you been busy sewing gifts? I have to start soon! All of the ideas have been swirling around my head but I haven't actually done a lot of sewing. I mean, I have done some sewing but not enough for my liking. I did sew that little wallet up there with some scraps that I had around. I'd never drawn up a pattern or sewn anything with a frame before so that was an experience.

Mostly, I've been busy with some background stuff and with the kids' school activities. It is that time of year that everything seems crammed into a week or two, doesn't it? This was taken at the Holiday Table with my little one, his best buddy, Aidan and his mom, Joanne. It's a fun holiday thing that we do at school. The parents get to come in and have lunch with their kiddos and friends. My big guy had 5 boys at his table and it was madness.

Last week, Little A's teacher had a craft day so Joanne, my hubby and I volunteered to help. My station was the beaded ornament station. Well, I had as much fun and even made a couple of snowflake ornaments while I was supposed to be teaching the kids how to make them.

Then there was the grand gingerbread making adventure of 2009. Ok, Joanne and I are quilters, not professional gingerbread house makers. It all started off well buy after a while we needed to support the roof because it was sliding off. In the end it was all fine. The kids, of course, wanted to eat all of the gumdrops and icing.

Joanne's boys made these adorable ornaments. Hint: Last minute gift for the grandparents! Easy to make and cute!

Onto other quilt business news. These lovely scans came across my desk recently. The ladies from Henry Glass sent me scans of Michelle Blackhurst's new line, Fleur d'Paris. So pretty! Look forward to the release in the spring.

Happy sewing! xo, L